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Corsair Announces CS Series Modular PC Power Supplies

CORSAIR Technical Marketing

The CS Series Modular PSUs are designed to deliver stable, continuous power with 80 PLUS Gold certified power efficiency  to minimize energy waste and lower electrical bills. The thermostatically controlled 120mm sleeve bearing fan runs at low speeds during  typical loads, keeping the PSU nearly silent during everyday tasks. 

The CS Series Modular PSUs feature a semi-modular cable system with the core motherboard power cables (24 pin and 8 pin EPS12V) permanently attached while the other cables can be added as needed.  The modular cables are the same "flat" style used in other Corsair modular power supplies.  Many users find this style of cable easier to route underneath the motherboard, behind the motherboard tray and behind drive bays.  The end result is a build that looks cleaner with fewer exposed cables.  The lack of cable clutter can can also allow for better airflow within the chassis.


The CS Series fits in between the CX-M and RM in Corsair's line up of power supplies.  As an upgrade from the CX-M, the CS-M is 80 Plus Gold, as opposed to the 80 Plus Bronze CX Series, and uses DC to DC for the non-primary rails for better compatibility with the newest processors and their extremely low power sleep state.  The RM Series upgrades the user to a fully modular cable interface, a rifled bearing fan and the ability to monitor the +12V and fan speed using the Corsair Link software.

The CS Series Modular power supplies are available in 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W and have suggested retail prices of $89.99, $99.99, $109.99 and $119.99 (USD) respectively; providing user's with an 80 Plus Gold efficient power supply at 80 Plus Bronze pricing.


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