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Better Together: SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS Multipoint

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We first introduced SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY on mice with the HARPOON RGB WIRELESS, keyboards with the K57 RGB WIRELESS, and headsets with the VIRTUOSO RGB and VIRTUOSO RGB SE.


An additional benefit to SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY is the ability to connect multiple devices to a single wireless receiver using SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS Multipoint.

To help you set up SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS Multipoint, we’ve put together this quick video to talk you through the process:

Alternatively, you can follow along with this written guide:


To get started, update to the latest version of CORSAIR iCUE, at the time of writing this would be version 4.12 or newer (which you can download directly from our website). Before we proceed, we strongly recommend connecting your peripherals and wireless receivers directly to your system and temporarily disabling any third-party RGB software throughout this process.


Now update the firmware for all your peripherals that you intend to connect via SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS Multipoint (if any firmware updates are available).


Then navigate to the “Connections” tab for the wireless receiver that came with your mouse or keyboard (you can choose the receiver for either).


If you intend to use a SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS headset like the VIRTUOSO RGB or VIRTUOSO RGB SE, you’ll need to select the VIRTUOSO wireless receiver instead.

Click the “PAIR” button to add additional devices in Multipoint mode for this wireless receiver. Note that this button will only be enabled when you have a compatible combination of peripherals connected, such as a mouse and keyboard, headset and keyboard, headset and mouse, or all three connected to your system.


You’ll be advised to connect all peripherals and the receiver you wish to pair them to directly to your system’s USB ports. Avoid connecting your devices through a USB hub, dock, or extension.


Each device should be connected via USB cable and switched to USB mode.


Once all devices are connected via USB and are in USB mode, the pairing process will begin, don’t unplug or switch modes on any of these peripherals.


Once complete, you can remove all USB cables and switch your devices back to wireless mode.


And you’ll now see currently paired devices in the “CONNECTIONS” tab for your wireless receiver.


And on the iCUE 4 homescreen, you’ll notice icons indicating the paired devices on the tile for your primary wireless receiver so you can quickly see what’s connected at a glance. If you still have the wireless receivers for your other peripherals connected still, you can remove them from your system and store them in a safe place should you ever need to use them again in the future.

For additional information about SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY Multipoint, we’ve put together a comprehensive FAQ over on the CORSAIR User Forums. To join the discussion, check out our communities over on the CORSAIR User Forums, Reddit, and Discord.


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