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Gamers, Choose Your Weapon

People always ask me, “Which mouse is the best?” (I am pretty certain that you are reading this blog to find an answer to that question as well) Let’s put it this way, having one mouse for every game is like trying use the same tool for every job. Sure it may work, but it isn’t designed that way. If you want to be better than your average player, get the right tool!


Let’s start with our newest mouse: SCIMITAR

SCIMITAR is a palm grip mouse for medium to larger hands. It has an adjustable key slider for the 12 fully programmable macro buttons for MMO players and the highest resolution (12,000 DPI) in our lineup. In MMO, it is all about being able to access your key binds easily in the shortest amount of time. With the patent pending exclusive key slider, you can pretty much guarantee that it will accustom to the comfort of your thumb. Imagine being able to activate your in-game skills with only a slight movement of your thumb. (#winning) In short, this mouse is perfect for MMO players, people who like palm grip mice, and tons of adjustable lighting features. Now available in Black and Yellow.


KATAR – Most gaming mice on the market are created for right handed users. Believe it or not, we got many requests for an ambidextrous mouse, so we sat down with our design team to come up with KATAR! Gamers who have smaller hands or someone who likes to pinch grip their mouse will appreciate this lightweight, elegant design. The mouse was designed with help from professional gamers and it comes with their preconfigured performance settings in CUE. KATAR is a great option if you want a lightweight, smaller mouse designed by, and for, serious gamers.


M65 Pro RGB – FPS Gaming? No problem! The M65 Pro RGB is a claw-grip mouse designed specifically for FPS players. The low-mass aluminum body with adjustable weights makes for a sturdy weapon of choice on the battlefield. As for features the M65 Pro RGB has a built-in sniper button that lets you temporarily drop resolution on-the-fly for extra accuracy when zoomed in to snipe, and if you like to tune the weight of your mouse, the M65 Pro RGB has a removable weight system. With 3 removable weights, it lets you get the exact right balance, so you can fine tune it to fit your style. Overall, the M65 Pro RGB is a great claw-grip FPS mouse that has a built-in sniper button and a tunable weight system to ensure that you get exact balance you want.


SABRE RGB – Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, the SABRE RGB is a great, lightweight, palm grip gaming mouse. With a total weight of 100g (15g lighter than M65 Pro RGB with all of its weight removed!) the Sabre is perfect for quick flick shots and entry fraggers. The Sabre RGB is super lightweight and comfortable, so if you like playing at lower DPIs and want to take advantage of a large mouse mat, you’ll be able to react quicker and you’ll have less fatigue over long playing sessions. The Sabre RGB is a great all-around, lightweight gamin mouse for almost all purposes. It’s quick and lightweight, but not short on features.




                To simply put, there is no single best mouse for everyone or for every game. They are all designed differently to suite different playstyle and games, although they do have one thing in common. All of the mice listed above is compatible with CUE, meaning it can be tuned to have DPI and buttons adjusted using our software.







M65 Pro RGB







Programmable buttons








115g- 135.5g


Refresh rate

1mz (selectable)

1mz (selectable)

1mz (selectable)

1mz (selectable)

CUE capable





Designed for…


MMO, MOBA players

Gamers who prefer smaller, lightweight mice

FPS gamers, snipers

Gamers who want a lightweight, comfortable mouse for lots of different games



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