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What is Bulldog? A Preview Guide and FAQ

Now that Bulldog has been formally announced, we can talk to you about what exactly it is. Bulldog is essentially our answer to gaming in the living room. While consoles and most Steam Machines already announced can take you up to 1080p, the reality is that 4K televisions are getting awfully affordable, and the only way you can really game at 4K proper is with a high performance PC. That’s the problem that Bulldog solves.

It’s important to note that Bulldog is still in active development, and everything in it is being refined and optimized.

So what is Bulldog? Bulldog is a DIY kit that will include the following components:

Bulldog Chassis


The Bulldog chassis is designed to support essentially two liquid coolers working in parallel, based around a mini-ITX motherboard and an SFX12V form factor power supply. Though the copious ventilation in the design might suggest a case that would suffer from noise problems, the opposite is true: healthy airflow keeps the fans inside Bulldog from having to spin up, resulting in a system that’s actually quieter than a fully loaded console.

Hydro Series H5SF Small Form Factor Liquid CPU Cooler


We’ve developed a small form factor liquid CPU cooler designed specifically for Bulldog but that can also fit our Carbide Series Air 240 and Obsidian Series 250D cases. It utilizes a small radiator and a blower fan to pull ambient air from inside the chassis and cool the CPU. Under the Hydro Series H5SF, a mainstream K-series Intel CPU can be overclocked while still maintaining both low thermals and low noise.

SF600 600-Watt SFX12V Form Factor Power Supply


To ensure the high performance components that you install in Bulldog receive a steady stream of clean power while helping get case dimensions down, we’ve engineered a power supply in the industry standard SFX12V form factor. Our SF600 power supply is designed to achieve gold-level efficiency. It employs a 92mm fan that is larger than the 80mm fans used in completing SFX power supplies, letting the SF600 stay quiet and cool even under extreme loads. It’s also fully modular, making installation as easy as possible.

Mini-ITX Motherboard with Next-Generation Intel Chipset

While Bulldog is being demoed at Computex with a current-generation Z97 motherboard, we’ll be bundling a mini-ITX motherboard from a reputable brand that supports Intel’s next generation processors and chipsets by the time Bulldog goes to market.

Note that Bulldog was designed specifically to take advantage of HG10-cooled graphics cards, but HG10 kits will be sold separately.

For additional details on Bulldog, we’ve reproduced our forum FAQ below:

What is Bulldog?
Bulldog is a DIY kit that leverages Corsair's expertise in case, cooling, and power supply design to lay the foundation for a system that can handle 4K gaming quietly and efficiently in the living room or other spaces where a small form factor gaming machine would be desirable.

What's in Bulldog?
Bulldog kits will include the Bulldog chassis, the Hydro Series H5SF liquid CPU cooler, an SF600 600-watt SFX12V-form factor power supply, and a next-generation motherboard utilizing an Intel chipset.

How much will Bulldog cost?
We're targeting an MSRP of $399 for the whole bundle, but this will depend on a number of factors and is subject to change.

Where will I be able to get one?
Corsair.com's web store is your best bet, but we expect Bulldog to see etail and retail availability.

When will it be available?
We're targeting Q4 of 2015.

Do any of the parts come separately?
Yes! While you have to buy the Bulldog kit to get the Bulldog chassis, the Hydro Series H5SF cooler and SF600 power supply will both be available separately.

What kind of connectivity and features will Bulldog have?
Bulldog will sport two USB 3.0 ports on the front along with headphone and microphone jacks, all hidden behind a fold down door. Bulldog will not have a fan controller; I personally hate hearing a device's fans spin up under load, so Bulldog is engineered to be extremely quiet and cool, and our choice of high pressure, low noise 92mm fans on the chassis reflects that.

What kind of material will Bulldog be made out of?
Bulldog's internal structure will be built from steel, while we're going to use a stylized brushed plastic for the fascia and sides with a metal mesh. Our initial prototypes used a full aluminum outer body (the internal chassis was steel), but we found the aluminum impractical from both a cost and weight perspective.

Isn't the HG10 a major part of Bulldog?
Yes it is! An HG10-equipped graphics card completes the Bulldog experience. Bulldog was designed to incorporate a CPU cooled by a Hydro Series H5SF and a graphics card cooled by an HG10 bracket and Hydro Series H55 liquid cooler. While you can certainly use an air-cooled graphics card in Bulldog (and we've made allowances to ensure it will run well), an HG10-equipped graphics card is the ideal way to get the most performance with the least noise.

How do I get an HG10-equipped graphics card for Bulldog?
There are a few ways. One is to buy one of our HG10 brackets and attach it to your graphics card with an H55 or H75 (single fan only) liquid cooler. Another is to buy an HG10 bundled with an H55 and, again, install it on your graphics card. Additionally, MSI will be offering graphics cards shipping with HG10s and H55s pre-installed for a small premium.

Why wasn't the HG10 included with Bulldog?
Because of the nature of HG10, specifically that brackets have to be customized for different reference cards, there's no one-size-fits-all bracket that we can bundle. It made more sense to us to make HG10 bundles available separately and offer customers options. Users who aren't comfortable liquid cooling their graphics cards or have non-reference cards that are incompatible with HG10 will still get a good experience with Bulldog.

What is the Hydro Series H5SF?
The Hydro Series H5SF is a unique closed loop liquid cooler for your CPU that was engineered specifically to fit in Bulldog, but is also compatible with the Carbide Series Air 240 and the Obsidian Series 250D. It employs a small radiator - smaller than even the H55 - and powerful blower fan. The blower fan has had a fan curve programmed to ensure it stays quiet while being able to cool even a modestly overclocked Intel Core i7. If you want to overclock further, the H5SF has that capacity, but the blower fan may have to ramp up to compensate. As an ancillary benefit, the H5SF's design allows it to pull ambient hot air into the blower and expel it out of the case, ensuring Bulldog stays exceptionally cool. The H5SF's smaller radiator results in its rated 150-watt cooling capacity, which is plenty for an overclocked Intel CPU, but it may still underperform the standard 120mm H55.

What is the SF600?
The SF600 is a power supply designed to meet the SFX12V standard. It has a capacity of 600 watts - more than enough for even the fastest single-GPU cards and mainstream Intel CPUs - and is targeting 80 Plus Gold level efficiency. The combination of high efficiency and a 92mm fan in such an impressively small power supply ensures the SF600 is able to deliver the power a Bulldog system needs without the PSU itself being a major source of heat or noise.

What kinds of graphics cards are supported by Bulldog?
Bulldog will support standard dual-slot graphics cards connected internally through a PCIe extension cable. Estimated maximum card length is 300mm.


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