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Review Roundup (Week Ending 05-02-2014)

The reviews this week have been dominated by the AX1500i Digitial ATX Power  supply reviews. We do also have a review for the Graphite Series 760T  Arctic White Full-Tower Windowed Case and the Raptor M45 Optical Gaming Mouse.



JonnyGURU.com put the AX1500i through their rigorous testing and came away with the first ever perfect "10" score on a PSU review. Oklahoma Wolf was impressed to say the least.

Seven years, hundreds of reviews... I was starting to think nobody would ever send me a unit good enough. People, THIS is what it takes to get a perfect total score from me. Might be the last time you see it, too. Goes without saying I need to slap in that good old recommended logo right here.


 Tweak Town concluded their excellent review with an Editor's Choice - Must Have award for the 1500i.

The AX1500i is a direct evolution of AX1200i in almost every way. The performance that we see for a 1500W unit is as close to perfect as we've ever seen, and it is that way across the board

It's harder, better, faster, stronger. It is the AX1500i, and it is going the power supply of choice for those who demand nothing less than perfection.



PC Perspective weighed in with a 1500i review of their own. Their results were stellar also resulting in their Editor's Choice award.

To say we were impressed is an understatement – the Corsair AX1500i Digital has proven itself to be an outstanding power supply!



The KitGuru AX1500i review resulted in an excellent 9.5/10 score and a Must Have award. They tossed around superlatives such as "excellent" and "class leading". We never get tired of hearing those!


Hardware Heaven concluded the the AX1500i was worthy of their Diamond Award.



OC3D did a great job with their AX1500i testing and produced an excellent written review. They also have a video review of the AX1500i. We came away with the OC3D Gold Award.

At £329.99 its not for the faint hearted, but if you are planning on investing in the hardware that would need this to power them you would be insane to cut corners in the PSU department. So if you want the very best for your pair of 295X2's bank of GTX780 Ti's or your monster mining system then the Corsair AX1500i should be on your wish list and because of this it gets the OC3D Gold award.




[H]ardOCP took an in-depth look at the 760T. After thorough inspection and testing, they awarded their Editor's Choice - Enthusiast Gold Award for the new comer to the Graphite series.

The cooling performance of the Corsair Graphite Series 760T is right up there with the best cases. Not only was the overall system temperature impressive, individual component temperatures were great, and more importantly, extremely consistent through the system. We didn't encounter dead spots or uneven component temps at all during testing.

The Graphite Series 760T Arctic White Full-Tower Windowed Case has something for just about everyone. The phenomenal good looks combined with its impressive performance and unique styling makes recommending this chassis a no-brainer.



Last but certainly not least, the busy fellows at Tweak Town also found time to review the Raptor M45 gaming mouse. They had some very flattering words and another Editor's Choice - Must Have Award for us.

Corsair delivers the full package with the Raptor M45 and MM400 gaming mouse and mat! It has been some time since there has been a combo that is so accurate, comfortable, and a true pleasure to be using.


While using the M45 on any surface is really enjoyable, once we added the MM400 under it, it was almost like we gained twenty percent more performance from the mouse; it is just a really solid combo and a tough act to beat.



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