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Better Together: Controlling ASUS RGB Graphics Cards and Motherboards in iCUE

System builders are well aware of the components produced by our friends over at ASUS. If you’ve got ASUS RGB components like a graphics card or motherboard, you can sync their RGB lighting together with the rest of your CORSAIR gear using the CORSAIR iCUE software!

  • ASUS-Dark-Hero-Screencap.png.4e1d82bad8bdd082846a60bb72c0ca0f.png
  • Strix-3080-Screencap.png.ec51318fff9b2f68a28b56e4caf31e1b.png

First you’ll need to have your ASUS motherboard and graphics card properly set up while having the latest versions of ASUS Armoury Crate and CORSAIR iCUE installed on your PC.

  • ASUS-Armoury-Crate-Screencap.png.cff88f49c8a858bd16a485247ba9f80e.png
  • CORSAIR-iCUE-4-Screencap.png.624439264b3695d0a39d64629579ef9b.png
ASUS Armoury Crate (Left). CORSAIR iCUE 4 (Right)

The process is the same for both components so follow these steps to customize your RGB lighting effects. We’ll use the motherboard setup process as the example.

  • ASUS-Mobo-iCUE-Setup-Screencap.png.a557794c2cec228324f77a0271404bf0.png
  • ASUS-GPU-iCUE-Setup-Screencap.png.bf388670f0f05aaad64bbab9c521d6bd.png
  1. Open up iCUE and click on the ASUS motherboard icon that should be listed on your profile home interface and select the Lighting Effects tab on the left hand side.
  2. Click the “+” button in the Lighting Layers panel to create a new lighting layer and you’ll see a couple additional panels pop up for additional configuration options.
  3. Every motherboard and graphics card will have different RGB lighting zones, some more or less than others. You can select and deselect the lighting zones you want to customize by clicking on them to see if they are highlighted or not.
  4. The Lighting Type panel will show you a list of lighting effects you can choose from. You can pick one of our preset effects, customize your own, or use the Lighting Link effects to sync all your iCUE-compatible devices on your PC.
  5. The third panel will allow further customization by changing the speed or direction of your lighting effects. Not all effects will have this so it will depend on which effects you choose in the Lighting Type panel.
  6. Additionally, you may add multiple lighting layers in the first menu and apply them to any of your lighting zones for more complex effects.
  • CORSAIR iCUE can control the 12V RGB header on a supported motherboard, however, 5V ARGB header control can only be done through ASUS Armoury Crate.
Video tutorial on customizing ASUS motherboard RGB through CORSAIR iCUE 4.

For supported ASUS graphics cards, you can follow the same steps that we covered for configuring motherboard lighting. Here is a video tutorial on our CORSAIR LAB channel.

Video tutorial on customizing ASUS graphics cards RGB through CORSAIR iCUE 4.

Most supported ASUS graphics cards will only have one lighting zone to customize. You can however add multiple layers in the Lighting Effects menus to that single zone in order to create more complex lighting effects.

If you need additional help with setting up your ASUS graphics card or motherboard in CORSAIR iCUE or if you want to join the discussion about CORSAIR iCUE integrations or hardware in general, check out our communities over on Reddit, Discord, or the CORSAIR User Forums!


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