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Corsair Weekly Review Round-Up — SP2500 Edition

CORSAIR Technical Marketing

If you haven't heard, we were at CES last week where we launched a ton of new products. We announced three new audio products — the top of the line Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 and SP2200 speakers, and the Gaming Audio Series HS1A analog gaming headset which is the cousin to the HS1 USB. We also announced the Special Edition White Graphite Series™ 600T mid-tower, and Obsidian Series™ 650D mid-tower cases, and also our new SATA 6Gb/s Performance 3 Series™ line of solid-state hard drives. We also played some video games...


As we did a very good job of seeding the SP2500s before the press event at CES, we've got more than enough reviews this week to dedicate this weekly round-up to them. So we're going to do a little different format this week. No intros, straight to the quote!


blog_corsair-weekly-review-round-up-sp2500-edition-Content-2.png.ab24ddd9f68d309d7932238e8b37f0a8.pngGameSpot UK"The SP2500 is a fantastic 2.1 system. The accuracy of satellites is something of a revelation for a consumer-focused product, letting you hear detail that you may have been missing from your audio. Though it can come across as a little clinical, the on-board DSP does a great job of offering a range of usable sounds that allow you to tune the system to your tastes. Music is detailed, accurate, and a pleasure to listen to, movies blow your socks off, and the accurate stereo imaging makes playing games a little easier too."


/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/blog_corsair-weekly-review-round-up-sp2500-edition-Content-3.png Hareware Heaven, 10 out of 10 stars — "With the SP2500 Corsair has created a 2.1 system which exceeds the audio quality anything else in the same price range. In fact it produces a quality of audio which is better than many other more expensive products."


/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/blog_corsair-weekly-review-round-up-sp2500-edition-Content-4.gifHard OCP"The Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-power 2.1PC Speaker System is exceptional and we have absolutely no reservations about recommending these. Assembly was extremely easy, the speakers look great, and performed well in all of our tests. Corsair makes excellent, innovative products and its SP2500 speakers are another reason why the company deserves your hard earned dollar."



blog_corsair-weekly-review-round-up-sp2500-edition-Content-5.png.5dd3e71c0154f437965e53013cb370ca.pngTech Radar, 5 out of 5 stars — "The SP2500 will set you back £200, but we can say without reservation that, as soon as you get them up and running, you'll feel completely justified. If you want high-end PC audio, here it is."


blog_corsair-weekly-review-round-up-sp2500-edition-Content-6.png.ffbcd177727a9c026f0574a24bb9b5ee.pngMaximum PC , we get a 9 and Antec gets a... 6 — "There is absolutely nothing subtle about Corsair’s SP2500 Gaming Audio Speakers: This monstrous 2.1-channel system could start a riot. After just a few minutes listening to Les Claypool shred his stand-up acoustic bass on the Primus classic “Mr. Krinkle,” with the amp cranked way beyond sensible, we felt an overwhelming urge to start breaking furniture. So we turned the volume down and started hacking zombies in Left4Dead 2, instead."


That's all from me this week... have a good weekend!


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