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Since I started working at Corsair in late 2009, one of my personal goals has been to break the memory frequency world record. I started to seriously pursue this goal in August 2010 with the launch of the CMGTX6 Dominator GT DDR3 memory. I was able to overclock one of those DIMMs to 2976MHz but was unable to go higher due to a CPU limitation. You can read about my previous world record Domintaor GT memory run in a previous post on the Corsair blog. Over the past year I have tried over 20 different processors in hopes of being able to run higher and go after the world record for memory frequency.




Up until last week I was using the Intel P55 platform to go after the frequency world record. However I noticed that the new AMD Bulldozer CPUs overclocked memory really well, so I went out and got an ASUS Crosshair V Formula and an AMD FX-8150 processor. I cooled the processor and memory using liquid nitrogen. On the CPU I used a K|ngP|n Gemini CPU pot and a K|ngP|n Dominance memory pot on the CMGTX6 DIMM. You can read how I broke my previous personal best for memory frequency in a previous post.




After swapping out to a second Bulldozer CPU things looked even more promising. After several sessions of overclocking I was finally able to break 3400MHz memory frequency barrier which was just shy of the world record by 43MHz. Getting those last few MHz was really tough! After countless blue screens and crashes I was able to get 3467.8MHz however the CPUz validation was corrupt. I had the screenshot but it was useless without the validation. I continued to test and after an hour of blue screens I was able to get the validation file with the memory at 3467.8MHz and take the world record!!!. You can see the CPUz validation here and more information on the result here.






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