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Set the Curve with the XENEON FLEX

Corsair CJ

The XENEON FLEX Bendable UltraWide Gaming Monitor is the world’s first bendable 21:9 OLED Gaming Monitor, developed in partnership with LG Display! But what's the benefit of a bendable ultrawide monitor? Let's find out!


Curvature Crash Course

Curved monitors have become increasingly popular in recent years, with some featuring a subtle curve to increase comfort while working with an ultrawide display, and others offering a more extreme curve that fills your field of view for gaming and other content. 


To explain how curvature is measured, imagine yourself standing in the middle of a large circle, surrounded by the same curved monitor.


Your distance from one of those monitors would be the radius, and that distance is what we use to express curvature.

So, in our imaginary circle of curved monitors, if the distance is 800 millimeters from the center to the edge, our circle would be made up of displays that have a curvature of 800R.

If our complete circle of monitors is larger, then we’d likely be dealing with a less extreme curvature such as 1000R. So to sum it up, a smaller number such as 800 before the R means that the display has a more obvious curve while 1000R would have a slightly wider curve and a monitor with a 38000R curve would be barely noticeable. 

Why Make it Bend?

Making the XENEON FLEX bendable means that you can pick a curvature that suits your needs.


Having a curved display is great for content that lends itself well to the experience and there are some benefits to introducing a curve in terms of reducing general eye fatigue when working with an ultra-wide display, however we’d like to give users the ability to pick what’s comfortable for them!


For instance, if you’re using the XENEON FLEX for work and entertainment in your home office. You could have the display set to flat or even a slight curve during the workday while working on spreadsheets, presentations, or creative applications like Photoshop or Premiere.


Then, once you’ve wrapped up with work, you can wind down and set the display to a more aggressive curve and dive into your favorite racing sim or get lost in another epic RPG.


And, since the XENEON FLEX’s curvature is adjustable, if you’re playing a game that requires a high degree of visual accuracy across the entire display area such as a sports title or RTS where the effect from a curved display could be distracting, you can set the display back to a less aggressive curve or even leave it at its flat setting if you prefer.

As a final note, curved monitors are generally a single user experience, the effect of the curved panel is best viewed from one specific position, which can make it awkward to share the screen with anybody else in the room.


So, if you have friends over and decide to hop on a local multiplayer game, you can set the XENEON FLEX back to its flat setting so that everyone can enjoy the experience!

Closing Thoughts

The CORSAIR XENEON FLEX bends the rules, giving you a greater degree of customization for your viewing experience than ever before in a gaming monitor.

If you're curious to see more of the XENEON FLEX in action, check out this quick how-to video we've put together to demonstrate the bending process in detail!

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!


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I am curious about upgrading to this monitor. Will there be a motorized version of the Xeneon for adjusting it? Remote or push button, when will it be released?

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