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Nanoleaf Smart Lighting Comes to iCUE

Corsair CJ

With the latest release of CORSAIR iCUE (4.29.X at the time of writing), Nanoleaf's ecosystem of smart lighting devices can be synced with your CORSAIR iCUE-compatible hardware, peripherals, and more!


If you've already got a set of Nanoleaf's Lines, Shapes, or Canvas set up through the Nanoleaf mobile app, you'll be able to jump right in after a quick iCUE update! (Currently, 4.29.201 can be downloaded directly from our website.)

Once you've started up iCUE, go to Settings -> Integrations, enable the Nanoleaf Integration, and start the Setup Wizard.


The Setup Wizard will guide you through the process and detect any compatible Nanoleaf devices connected to your network. It'll ask you to press and hold the power button on the Controller to pair the device to iCUE.


Once pairing is complete, you'll be able to jump into lighting effects and see your Nanoleaf display.


Nanoleaf devices work with a wide variety of lighting effects, I personally recommend sticking to 1-2 lighting effects at most to get started and you can also use Link Link effects which'll apply to all compatible devices to quickly set the mood of your space!


Impressed? So are we! Do you plan to add your Nanoleaf devices to iCUE? Please share in the comments and let us know if you've got any questions we can help with!

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Hey, thanks for listening to us!! Finally we have Nanoleaf integration!! 🙏
My Nanoleaf Canvas & Lines work well but the older “Aurora” Light Panels (Triangles) with the external Rhythm Module do not work. Any support for this in the future? Can you give me an official comment. Thanks! 

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That's really cool. However, are the old games integrations with exclusive, like Far Cry 5 or Division 2, updated for them? New devices stay plain dark on those games, but works well on new games like Far Cry 6. Would be a bummer to keep them dark while playing those games.

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I was able to pair my Nanoleaf Canvas using iCUE 4.29.201 version. However, the lights on the panel don't come on. It seems frozen. On the Nanoleaf app, I see it says Streaming. I can play with the Intensity slider on iCUE and I see it moving on the Nanoleaf App, but no lights on the panel. The panels are on firmware version 6.5.1 ..  Curious if anyone have issues or if working as intented!

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19 hours ago, SiliconMinds said:

II have the old nanoleaf light panels, can't find them with the integration. Are they supported?

Same problem here, my original nanoleaf panels are not being detected in the ICUE. I'm running ICUE version 4.29.201 and Nanoleaf Light Panels 5.10 which says its latest firmware

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 I cannot get my Nanoleaf shapes to pair , Icue does not see Nanoleaf , and Icue will not connect to the ip address through manual pairing , any ideas ?

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On 10/16/2022 at 4:40 PM, cc-odin said:

@kndllI cannot get my Nanoleaf shapes to pair - same issue


You guys be sure to be connected to the same network of the Nanoleaf devices.

What I found out is that if you're connected to same network - let's say your main network and the Nanoleafs are connected to a IoT 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi that have a different gateway you won't be able to connect to Nanoleaf devices


@Corsair CJ that would be a nice thing if your dev guys implement it on iCue

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