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How to mod: Custom parts, painting and engraving

Corsair Johan


In the last blog we went through what case I would use for this guide as well as what we will do to it.

  • Painting the grills in the front and top.
  • Using sleeved cables, thoughts about cable-management and lighting.
  • How to use simple custom parts.
  • Engraving.

So lets start out with painting the grills in the front and top-panels.


We have to start by removing the front-panel which is held to the front by two plastic-clips on both sides. On the backside of the front-panel we see the grill as well as the dustfilter, remove the screws that holds the grill and snap it out of the plastic-clips.


To remove the dustfilter, bend these small clips and just take it out.


There is the exact same procedure for the toppanel, remove the panel, remove the screws that holds the grill, snap it off and remove the dustfilter.

Now it is time to start prepping the grills for the paint. These grills are made of steel so it does not need as much prepping as for example aluminium does. I used something called Scotchbrite pads from 3M, the red one, to scruff up the surface so the paint will stick better.


The paint I am using is a grey primer as well as a silver color, these exact spraypaints are available in Sweden where I live but you can use the regular spraypaints that you can find in hardware stores and such.


When using regular spraycans I highly recommend to use a mask for it as it protects from the dangerous gases.


Start with the primer, spray thin layers from a 20cm / 8” distance and let it dry, do this for 6-7 layers and then let it dry for 24 hours before you start with the color. Follow the same procedure for the final paint, if you want a result that will hold up even better, you could paint some clearcoat over it.



This is how the grills and fan-rings look when they are finished.


Next thing to do is just to put back the grills in the front and top-panels.


This is what it looks like now, instead of being all black, there is now some contrasts which makes the case stand out more.


Installing custom case-feet.

The theme of this build is black/silver/grey, the grills are now silver-colored, so whats next? I have always enjoyed changing and adding small details to my mods, one of those are case-feets.


There is a lot of different custom case-feets that can be bought in different shops online, they don’t have to be super expensive either, the ones I am using are custom-milled by a friend.


Let us start by turning the case upside down and measure out where you would like the case-feets to be placed out.


Next step is to drill the holes through the case so we could bolt the feets to the case.


Then it is not much more to do then to put the bolt through and fasten the nut on the other side to hold it together.



To stop some vibration from the case going down to your PC-table or floor, you could install some rubber pieces to the feets.


So this is what it looks like after the case-feets are installed, it raises the case up a bit so more air can get through the bottom as well as adding more details that fit with the theme of the build.


Installing a custom window-frame.

The windowed side-panel of this case looks very clean, but what I have done in earlier mods and what I will do here as well will bring more eyes to the sidepanel. I will show how to install a window-frame that will fit good with the overall theme.


I measured out the size of the window, added a few millimeters and had a friend of mine mill this out with his CNC-mill. This might sound expensive, but as CNC-mills/Laser machines and 3D-printers are getting more and more popular and also cheaper, there is a lot of people and companies that can do small parts like this pretty cheap. This part is also very simple to measure out and design.


To fasten the window-frame to the sidepanel I am using a heavy-duty double-sided tape from 3M, this tape is extremely strong and works perfect for installing smaller parts, ssd and items like that.


I cut out small pieces and put them all around the frame.


Remove the protection tape and line up the window-frame to the window and press down all around the frame.

This is how the result came out, it fits good together with the case-feet.


How to engrave?

I did not think engraving fit into this build, but I have made a complete guide on how to engrave your side or frontpanel before which can be found here.



This is how the before and after looks, it is not the most extreme mods, but it is some basic mods that still make a difference and is easy to do. It can make your own PC more personal and is a good stepping ground for starting doing more extreme modding.

In the next blog I will show the assembling of the PC and how the final result will look.


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