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Rotations, rotations, rotations! MMOs are all about rotations, regardless of the class you play. Personally, I play a mage in WOW and having a good rotation is night and day in damage (DPS). For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a rotation is a set of skills that needs to be activated one after another in a special sequence to output the most damage. Our new SCIMITAR PRO RGB allows for quick execution of my character's rotation thanks to its 12 programmable keys and new hardware playback feature!


Right out of the box, SCIMITAR PRO RGB allows you to jump into the game with the pre-mapped keys. There are color indications on the thumbpad that helps you identify which profile you are on. Profile 1 will be lit red, which is mapped 1-9,0, minus and equal. The 2nd profile will be lit yellow, which mapped to 1-6 and QWERDF. The 3rd Profile will be lit blue and will have copy, cut, paste and some window short cut keys. If you don’t like or use any of the 3 default profiles, you can use CUE, customize your own and save it to the hardware. For me, all of my skills are mapped 1 through 12, so that means I did not have to install CUE to have the side buttons work. That is the beauty of hardware playback. I can take the mouse from my laptop to my desktop and it works exactly the same way without any extra software configuration.


Keep in mind that hardware playback mode will only trigger if you exit out of CUE. If you have CUE running and select a hardware playback profile, it will default to the first software profile created through CUE.

As a mage, there are more than a couple keys you have to manage. Which means finding the “home” key on the number pad is really important. Imagine going through a full rotation with the SCIMITAR PRO RGB and being able to know where the starting point is each time with the home key. Who knew that such a small difference could be a game changer?


Now with 4K gaming becoming more commonplace, more and more people are gaming in higher resolution. That higher resolution means that there are more pixels on the screen. The SCIMITAR PRO RGB has a powerful 16K DPI sensor that makes easy work of any high resolution monitor. In fact, the sensor is capable of upping the DPI by increments of 1, allowing any gamer to fine tune the mouse to their game play and style. Is it overkill? That’s purely up to preference, but being able to have such a high degree of control when it comes to a peripheral as essential as a gaming mouse is always a plus. It’s all about options.


Thanks to the placement of the keys on the SCIMITAR PRO RGB, I can quickly activate my next skill with minimal movement of my thumb. All gamers should know that being able to cast the right skill or ability in the shortest amount of time is a win. Quite frankly the SCIMITAR PRO RGB has proven that I was a noob without it.


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