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The Corsair Raptor M45 is the newest addition to our line-up of gaming mice. Designed to meet the demands of the gamer for a high precision and low dpi optical mouse, the Raptor M45 utilizes the Pixart PMW3310 5,000 DPI optical sensor. In addition to accurate movement with extra-large PTFE glide pads and a high-mass aluminum scroll wheel, the Raptor M45 also utilizes a shell with a soft-touch finish that features an adjustable weight system that allows users to customize the balance of the mouse to their playing style. The M45 also has seven programmable buttons to be used in conjunction with our Corsair Gaming software. Users will be able to assign keystrokes to each button, create complex macros, set on the fly DPI values, and more.




The heart of the mouse is the Pixart PMW 3310 optical sensor. It is a gaming optimized sensor for FPS players who want the very best in sensor traction and detection. This unique optical sensor uses infrared (IR) and has detection up to 130 inches per second along with 30g of motion detection. With a minimum of 50 DPI to a maximum of 5000 DPI (in increments of 50), this allows for a wider range of settings for the user’s preference. While some of our competitors also come to rely on the PMW 3310 sensor, our own firmware increases the proficiency of the sensor to work with plastic mouse pads in addition to cloth pads. This customization separates the Raptor M45 from the competition for this reason. Although the sensor is optimized for both surfaces, however, gaming cloth pads like the Corsair MM200 series are most suited for this sensor for best accuracy and precise results.


With settings from 50 - 5000 DPI (by increments of 50), you can customize the settings to anything you like. Whether you're someone who likes to game at a low DPI to bring out the accuracy of an optical sensor, or prefer something on the higher end for quick wrist movements, our Corsair Gaming software will allow you to set it to meet your preferences. You can also configure different DPI settings for on the fly switching as well in case you need to adjust in-game.

The Body



The Corsair Raptor M45 features a lightweight body that is comprised of two different types of surfaces. At the top of the mouse, both of the mouse buttons down to the palm rest uses a durable, soft touch, matte black surface that is both comfortable and smooth for the fingers. The sides of the mouse, however, use a special non-slip grip that makes it easy to hold and lift the mouse. This surface has more friction that is contrary to the smooth finish and makes the mouse accommodating to use during long hours of gaming.



As the mouse was designed to be first and foremost a FPS (First Person Shooter) tool, we wanted it to be as light and nimble as possible. Most FPS gamers do not drag their mouse – instead they tend to lift it up when they get to close to the edge of the mouse pad. Therefore, it was important the mouse does not feel heavy and afforded a comfortable grip to avoid fatigue. The cable at 1.8 meters also will allow plenty of room of movement across wide and long surfaces and is braided to prevent early wear and tear alongside any table edge.



Weight Adjustment




Every user has their preference to how heavy or light they want their mouse to be. To aid with this subjective criteria, we have mounted screws and weights that can be removed to make the Raptor M45 even lighter. Each screw weighs 1.5g while the weight itself is 4g each. This means that if the user removes everything, you can decrease the weight of the mouse by more than 10% of the total weight (16.5g) to make it extremely light and nimble. The feet of the mouse use multiple large PTFE pads that make tracking easy and smooth as it glides over the mouse pad. These glide pads are nice and thick to be durable and are user replaceable as well.

The Raptor M45's biggest addition is with the sensor as all the other features are already well known with our other mice. Using one of the best optical sensors available, the M45 is the mouse for your FPS gaming needs and provide the accurate tracking you desire for success.



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