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The CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO is part of the CHAMPION SERIES product line of high performance gaming peripherals.

Our new SABRE RGB PRO CHAMPION SERIES Gaming Mouse was designed from the start for esports competitions where low-latency, high-speed performance is critical. To test its might, we worked with NVIDIA® to get the SABRE RGB PRO validated for NVIDIA Reflex, which resulted in the SABRE RGB PRO receiving a chart-topping mouse click latency rating of just 0.57ms, worthy of our new CHAMPION SERIES products!


This class-leading score is the result of the enormous effort put in by our engineering, research, and development teams working in concert with the demands of real-world gamers and competitors to produce a truly amazing product.

What’s NVIDIA Reflex?

NVIDIA Reflex is a combination of multiple NVIDIA technologies: their latest graphics cards and high-performance G-SYNC displays, which combine powers to provide a solution that can measure and reduce click-to-display latency in supported competitive titles. This means that you need not only a system that supports NVIDIA Reflex, but also a display that takes advantage of these competitive tools as well.


Here’s a short video from NVIDIA explaining the tech behind NVIDIA Reflex:

Closing Thoughts

An awesome NVIDIA Reflex rating isn’t the only thing that sets our gaming peripherals apart. The SABRE RGB PRO is finely tuned for competitive gaming with an ultra lightweight ergonomic design, QUICKSTRIKE spring loaded clicks, and flexible paracord cable, plus when paired with CORSAIR iCUE software, you can take full advantage of all your CORSAIR gear. We’re not saying you’ll get good while trying to go pro using a mouse like the SABRE RGB PRO, but we can help ensure that hardware bottlenecks won’t be an issue.


For more information about the SABRE RGB PRO or other CORSAIR CHAMPION SERIES products, check out

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