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MM300 – Superior control for lethal in-game accuracy

Made with durability and precision tracking in mind, we have come up with this beauty. The Corsair Gaming MM300 series is a high endurance, pro-grade cloth mouse mat made for high-DPI gaming mice. What you will also notice is the reinforced stitched edges that guard against surface peeling and fraying (YAY!) The Surface is textile-weaved, which gives superior control and precision tracking for absolute in-game accuracy. The underside is just as important as the tracking side, so it is equipped with a zero slip rubber base that helps it stay securely in place during intense moments. The MM300 is optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice. It comes in three (3) sizes:

 256mm x 210mm x 3mm surface area
 Medium:  360mm x 300mm x 3mm surface area
 Extended:  930mm x 300mm x 3mm surface area


MM400 – Low-friction mouse mat optimized for gaming sensors

Tuned to deliver outstanding glide characteristics without sacrificing control, this is made for snap targeting and pixel-precise shots in game. The surface is made of high-quality and long-lifespan polymer for effortless gliding. The tuned micro texture surface is optimized for gaming sensors. It also comes with a 1.5mm no-slip base (made of natural rubber), so your mouse surface won’t move during that last winning kill shot.


MM600 – Stability in Motion

The MM600 is what we call “the best of both worlds”. Binding the high-quality polymer that offers low resistance and the heavy textured for maximum handling is an aircraft-grade aluminum that can handle whatever your game throws at you. These twin high-quality polymer surfaces are engineered to support two different play experiences. Simply put, MM600 is two mouse mats in one between unparalleled control and seamless glide with just a flip.




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