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Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB Mouse

CORSAIR Technical Marketing

As part of our ever expanding Corsair Gaming RGB line-up, we have added a new peripheral to our collection – the Sabre RGB mouse, available with either an Optical or Laser sensor.

What is Sabre?


Corsair Gaming’s Sabre, a newly designed gaming ultra-light weight gaming mouse at just 100g. It will be available with your choice of a 8200-DPI laser sensor or a 6400-DPI optical sensor at 1000hz refresh rate for accurate and precise tracking. The mouse also features eight (8) fully programmable buttons including on the fly DPI adjustment (5 settings) four (4) zones of 16.8 million RGB color lighting, and an ergonomic design that supports multiple grips for comfort.


While many of our fans still love Corsair’s M65 design, we have been inundated with requests for a product with another optical sensor. However, we also didn’t want to alienate the crowd who prefer laser so this is the product to offer both flavors to accommodate consumer preference. In addition, to continue our theme of RGB, we included more zones of RGB lighting to our users can customize the mouse to compliment any other peripheral or component.  


How does it help me with gaming?


The biggest benefit that Sabre will also bring is the ultra light-weight chassis. This will help gamers who tend to lift their mouse up while playing and/or offer a solution for users who prefer a light mobile peripheral. The new chassis is also accommodating to multiple styles of grip to provide comfortable gameplay over a prolonged period of time. In comparison to the M65, which weighs in at 165g, Sabre comes in weighing just 100g without the cable. On top of the lighter weight, there is also on the fly DPI adjustment with the ability to save 5 custom DPI levels through our CUE software so you can switch between them with a press of a button. You can save these DPI settings directly to the mouse and take it with you anywhere without the need for the software too.


The CUE benefits do not end there either. Through our software, macros can be customized as double-macros allowing one macro to be played upon button press, and a second macro that plays upon button release. This can be assigned to any of the eight available buttons on the mouse for a wide range of combinations at your fingertip. Even if you don’t game, CUE will allow you to copy/paste text, setup custom keystrokes, create shortcuts, etc. to any button to make Sabre useable for any type of environment.

blog_Corsair_Gaming_Sabre_RGB-Content-6.png.3a9e807751333a00f5cd1a45dd61673c.png blog_Corsair_Gaming_Sabre_RGB-Content-7.png.357126347527cd6b2d25a16c2a9c96e9.png

Is it available now?

In the US, the optical RGB version of Sabre will be an exclusive at Best Buy stores and bestbuy.com. For the laser version, you’ll be able to purchase it from any of our distributors by mid-November 2014.

Technical Specs:

[indent]Color: Soft touch black
Resolution: 50-8200 dpi (Laser) 50-6400 (Optical)
Sensor: Laser or Optical
Backlight: 4 Zone RGB
Buttons: 8
Report Rate: Selectable 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz
On-Board memory: Yes
Mouse Feet: Extra Large PTFE
CUE (Software): Enabled
Cable: 1.8m Braided Fiber
Dimensions: 124(L) x 80(W) x 38(H) mm / 4.88" (L) x 3.14" (W) x 1.5" (H)
Weight: 100g / 0.22 lbs
Warranty: 2 years


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