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A new generation of consoles is coming and you might be wondering if your CORSAIR gaming headset will work on your next PlayStation or XBOX. Well you’re in luck! We’ve put together a quick guide outlining the current state of console compatibility for our lineup of audio products!


For most of our wired headsets, the tried and true 3.5mm audio jack works just fine when plugged into your console’s controller. If you want to go wireless on a PlayStation, all of our current wireless products (with the exception of the HS75 XB) will work when you connect your headset’s USB wireless dongle to an available USB port on your PlayStation console. If you’re team green and want to game wirelessly on an XBOX, you’ll want to pick up the HS75 XB which pairs directly to your XBOX console, no USB dongle required.


If you’re having trouble telling the difference between our headset offerings, here’s a short list of our current lineup. For our PlayStation gamers and hi-fi music lovers, consider the VIRTUOSO as it is our top of the line headset giving the highest quality in our line up, we recommend using the VIRTUOSO with the USB wireless dongle on a PlayStation console.


The VOID ELITE Series will be for those who want the quality sound but with more of a unique aesthetic and gaming-focused comforts. The VOID ELITE WIRELESS can be connected to a PlayStation using the USB wireless dongle while the VOID ELITE SURROUND can be used with either an XBOX or PlayStation by plugging the headset’s 3.5mm audio jack into your controller.


Now if you’re the type of no-nonsense gamer who doesn’t want flash, our HS PRO Series features a simple and clean design and the new HS75 XB model has been built from the ground up to support current and next gen XBOX consoles wirelessly (and without a USB dongle). For PlayStation users that want a wireless solution, our HS70 PRO model’s USB wireless dongle can be connected to a port on your PlayStation, and of course any HS headset with a 3.5mm audio jack can be connected to your controller.


Be sure to check out our Discord server, subreddit and the official CORSAIR forums to learn more.






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