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How to mod: Assembly and final result

Corsair Johan

In the last blog I went through a few simple steps and basic mods that you can do to your PC to make it more personal, I used our Carbide Air 240 to do these mods on. Today I will quickly go through the assembly of everything and the end result.


So first of all I started by installing the top and bottom fan, with the fan-rings painted silver.


This is the hardware that is going into the case.


This is how the painted fan-rings turned out when installed to the radiator.


Sleeved cables can really make a big difference in a custom build. There is a lot of different alternatives out there, we sell our own sleeved cables for our modular power supplies and there is also a lot of different companies out there selling different kind of sleeved cables. These cables are custom made by Modguru as I wanted black and grey cables as well as cable combs to keep everything nice and tidy.


Next thing to do is to install the motherboard, here you can see how it looks with the cablecombs on the 24-pin cable too.


Now onto the cooler, for every component I install I also try to route the cables for it so its not a big mess in the end.


Last component on this side of the case is the graphics card, install and hook up the sleeved cables.


I wanted to have some lighting in the case too, so what I am using is our Commander Mini, which is a cool little product. It is a software-controlled fan-controller as well as RGB-lighting controller. I am using it to control fans, the RGB-lighting strips in the top of the case as well as monitoring the RM650i power supply.

Cablemanagement is a hot topic in the modding world, you could put down hours and hours on the cablemanagement, making custom length cables etc. In this build I tried to balance it out, so it is not perfect but still good enough. What I always try to do though is to route the cables so it flows together.


This is how it looks with the lighting, I prefer white LEDs just to light up so you see the nice hardware inside of your build.


And that is it actually. This is basic mods for those who wants to start get into modding and I highly recommend to try out something like this because it will be a good experience and after you can start getting into more advanced modding.






So here is the final result, this will be my main PC now and it looks really good on my little office desk.


Stay tuned for more modding content and how-to’s!


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