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Obsidian 700D and 800D USB 3.0 Kit

The Obsidian Series 700D and 800D cases are now USB 3.0 compatible.

Good news, everyone. You can now add USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed USB) capabilities to your existing Obsidian Series case! It's a fairly quick swap that replaces the old I/O panel with a new one.


The new panel includes two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed USB ports that connect to the rear USB 3.0 ports on your motherboard. 


This is currently the best way to guarantee full USB 3.0 speeds and data accuracy, while maximizing compatibility with older USB 3.0 compatible motherboards that do not have internal headers. 

The USB 3.0 kit can be purchased from Corsair.com for $14.99 plus shipping. It's quick to install and requires only a few minutes and a phillips-head screwdriver. 


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