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Introducing the new Graphite Series 600T Window and Mesh Side Panel

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Graphite Series™ 600T Side Panel with Windowed and Mesh Inserts today. It's actually been on our store for a couple of weeks now, and the enthusiast response could not be better.


The default configuration comes with a clear window to allow you to show off all your hardware, but for performance seekers we also include a mesh insert that can be easily swapped out in it's place. The mesh insert can house up to four 120mm fans, and includes rubber grommets on the fan mounts to prevent vibration transfer to the chassis.


A lot of people asked for this — when we launched the 600T one of the most common questions was "Will there be a windowed version?" Now we can categorically answer that question.

In fact, it's so popular that the Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T will come this way straight out of the box, allowing end users to tweak their case for the best performance and appearance based on their preference.

Adding the mesh side panel can really help bring down temps for those of you running multiple high-end GPUs in SLI, and it does so without affecting the clearance for your graphics card and CPU coolers. The reason we built this product was because we heard you all requesting it — so keep the suggestions coming. If we have enough demand for a new product, we have no problem building it.



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