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Corsair Graphite Series 600T Build Log: Yellowbeard’s Revenge

CORSAIR Technical Marketing

I recently spent some time assembling and testing a new gaming rig using our Graphite Series™ 600T mid-tower case. I used quite a few other Corsair components, combined with a solid CPU, GPU, and motherboard to make a great little gaming rig.


 I documented the component selection, the build, and the testing in 3 different sections. The end result was an extremely capable rig perfect for gaming and a variety of other tasks. The most fun part was getting a 1.2GHz OC with very little effort! 

CPU-Z: Stock Settings (left) v.s. CPU-Z: OCed Settings (right)

Due to the excellent feature set and functionality of the 600T, the build was quick and seamless. Read along and see how well the build went and you can see how the included Corsair components might integrate into your existing build or even a new system.

Read the complete build log at Corsair Graphite Series 600T Build Log: Yellowbeard’s Revenge.


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