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CORSAIR 4000, 5000, and 7000 Series PC Cases


The CORSAIR 7000 Series of full-tower cases is our latest addition to our new case lineup that started with the CORSAIR 4000 Series last year and 5000 Series earlier this year. Today we’ll take a look at the core features that these cases share as well as what makes them unique to help you decide which chassis is the right one for your next build! 

The Details

For convenience, we’ve put together the following comparison charts for reference:

X-variant case comparisons
D-variant case comparisons

It’s All in the Name

The 4000, 5000, and 7000 Series cases support motherboard form-factors of mini-ITX up to E-ATX, and as you go up the stack, the more internal volume you’ll have available, with the 4000 Series being the most compact and 7000 Series being the largest. More internal volume allows for more fans, radiators, and other accessories to be installed. 


Beyond the series number, the letter at the end of the name helps to denote the feature set a case is equipped with. For example, an “X” case focuses more on showcasing your components and comes equipped with additional tempered glass panels (two on 4000X, four on 5000X, and three on 7000X cases) when compared to a “D” case which feature solid/perforated steel front panels with a focus more on minimalism or performance (as seen on AIRFLOW versions) while retaining a large tempered glass side panel. 

Keeping Your Build Cool

CORSAIR SP RGB Elite AirGuide Fans

Since the 4000X, 5000X and 7000X lines offer tempered glass front panels, they also come with CORSAIR SP RGB Elite AirGuide fans in the box whereas the 4000D, 5000D, and 7000D lines will come with non-RGB AirGuide fans. The 7000 Series comes equipped with 140mm fans and the 4000/5000 Series come with 120mm fans. In the larger 5000 and 7000 Series cases, you’ll also find a PWM repeater to help manage cooling.

  • 7000X_RGB_WHITE_RENDER_20.png.fd3782a6b0234b6389be47d2ed42bced.png

When it comes to RGB, the 4000X and 5000X cases include a CORSAIR Lighting Node CORE to manage fan lighting and the 7000X comes with a COMMANDER CORE XT that offers a complete package of lighting and PWM fan control. Both the Lighting Node CORE and COMMANDER CORE XT connect to your motherboard via an internal USB 2.0 header and are managed using CORSAIR iCUE

CORSAIR XR5 series radiators for custom water cooling

When it comes to water cooling, 4000 and 5000 series cases can support up to 360mm radiators from either an AIO (all-in-one) liquid CPU cooler or custom water cooling components like our CORSAIR Hydro X Series . 7000 series cases on the other hand can support up to 420mm and 480mm radiators for some serious cooling!

Keeping Your Build Tidy

When it comes to PC building, it goes without saying that cable management is very important and we want to take this opportunity to highlight the benefits of the RapidRoute Cable Management System that is part of the core feature set in the 4000, 5000, and 7000 Series cases.

CORSAIR 5000D AIRFLOW with channel raceway and straps for proper cable management.

Cable management is probably the most overlooked process of PC building, especially for beginners. With our new case family, cable management couldn’t be easier for a new system builder, as we’ve designed the 4000, 5000, and 7000 Series cases to have more physical space available behind the rear side panel and include cable raceways and straps to make it quick and easy to organize your cable clutter!

CORSAIR 5000D AIRFLOW full build with cable management.

Imagine the Possibilities

This new case lineup is our best yet and we can’t wait to see what builds you’ll make with them! For those still deciding which case to go with, here are some final notes that may help:

4000 Series – The 4000 Series is a great start to a new build, fitting the standard mid-tower look while providing a lot of features that make it easy to build in and provide excellent cooling to your components. 

5000 Series – The 5000 Series takes the winning formula of the 4000 Series and packs it into a larger mid-tower with expanded cooling options and room for larger components and accessories. 

7000 Series – The 7000 Series expands the cable management and performance concepts to a full-tower providing all the fan/cooler mounting and internal space you need to build your next masterpiece! 

And to see what a fully custom water-cooled build in a 7000 Series case could look like, check out this build video we’ve put together:

CORSAIR 7000D Hydro X custom water cooling build

For more information about our products, check out our forums and consider joining our Reddit and Discord community! 


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