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Old 05-16-2013, 03:26 PM
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Default ***Latest*** Corsair Link Software Update Release Candidate Version 2.7.5339

Please Note you must delete any saved Profiles and uninstall the old version and reboot the system before you install the latest software.
  • Uninstall the Corsair Link software through Windows Control Panel
  • Go to file explorer, enable "Show hidden files, folder and drives"
  • Delete the following directory: C:\Users\"System name"\AppData\Roaming\Corsair
    (This directory is also used to store custom profiles for other Corsair products. You may want to save this directory on a different location so you won’t lose other profiles)
  • Restart your system
  • Install the new Corsair Link software
Join the v2.7.5339 discussion

8/18/2014 - Corsair Link Software Update Release Candidate Version 2.7.5339

Change Log
  1. Fan control on H80i/H100i works on all selectable options.
  2. CPU usage over time addressed for all platforms.
  3. Logging on multiple devices at once enhanced.
  4. H80i/H100i detection issues on some platforms running Win 8/8.1.
  5. Boot up .Net framework error addressed.
  6. Start minimized option setting retained after restart.
  7. Maximum Celsius degree for “custom curve” has been changed to 90c.

Known Issues
  1. LED saved settings not persistent after restart if two of the colors are set to 0 (255, 0,0) New firmware revision to address issues will be available in a 2.8 release.
  2. On certain Intel motherboards (Z87/Z97) that use the Intel USB 3.0 drivers it is necessary to change the “Legacy USB Support” to Disabled in BIOS for detection of the H80i/H100i/Commander units.
  3. SLI GPU setups are only detecting one GPU at this time.

4/17/2014 - Corsair Link Software Update BETA Version 2.6.5214
  • Various bugs have been fixed

12/19/2013 - Corsair Link Software Update BETA Version 2.5.5145
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 Support
  • CPUID hardware monitoring engine
    • Motherboard fan speeds and temperatures are now shown. Fans from the motherboard are reporting only and cannot be controlled.
    • GPU temperatures for some cards are missing at this time.
  • Firmware auto detection at first startup. User selectable option to update or not. Needs minimum versions listed below for detection inside software. Firmware files are part of the install package. No separate download needed.
    • CoolingFW_1.2.8 (Cooling Node)
    • HydroFW_1.2.8 (H80/H100)
    • LightingFW_1.1.9 (Lighting Node)
    • USBFW_2.0.6 (Commander unit)
    • H80i_v1.0.7 (H80i)
    • H100i_v1.0.7 (H100i)
  • Tooltips have been added to key panels. This can be turned off in the options panel.
  • System tray icon has new functionality for quick reference of displayed data and profile switching.

10/10/2013 - Corsair Link Software Update Release Candidate Version 2.4.5110
  • Updated Hardware Monitoring:
    • Added support for Intel Ivy Bridge-E CPUs.
    • Added support for AMD family 15h model 1Xh and family 16h CPUs.
    • Added support for new Samsung SSDs (like Samsung SSD 840 PRO).
    • Added support for Intel Haswell CPUs.

Corsair Link Software Update Release Candidate Version 2.4.5065
  • Added support for the RM Series (PSU)

Corsair Link Software Update Beta Version 2.4.4948
  • LED configuration panel will hold settings after reboot/shutdown of the system.
  • Firmware Update Improvements
    • Progress information for the user
    • Additional CRC verification step
    • Automatic retry if an error occurs
  • Revised the two default “Light” and “Dark” theme’s. “Light” is now default.
  • White is now the default font color for the UI
  • If you have manually saved the profile and not made any changes you will NOT be prompted to save again when exiting the program.
  • Memory leaks fixed
  • CPU Avg Temp and Activity labeled as such to mirror AFP naming
  • LED mode change improved
  • General options modes for Celsius and Fahrenheit cannot be unselected
  • LED now remembers different “normal” and “cycle step 0” colors; these are NOT saved in the Lighting Node however, and must be saved in the profile (otherwise it will come up as black)
  • LED temperature mode Fahrenheit bug corrected
  • LEDs can now be controlled by load devices (e.g., CPU or AFP)
  • LED mode is now correctly set when changing back to normal mode
  • Fixed watchdog conflict with boot-loader
  • LED Pulse mode works without profile having been saved
  • Groups can be selectively hidden; alternately all formerly hidden groups can be shown
  • Fixed spelling of Celsius and some other grammatical errors

Corsair Link Software Update 2.3.4816
  • Windows 8 Support
  • New Hardware Detection and Monitoring Engine
  • Firmware flashing to Commander units prior to firmware 2.06 now supported
  • CPU temperature for all AMD platforms now supported.
  • Device Icon’s now have three selectable sizes
  • Communication between multiple devices has been improved

Firmware: Corsair Link Firmware 2.0.6

Please Note you must delete any saved Profiles and uninstall the old version and reboot the system before you install the latest software

Corsair Link Software Update 2.2.0
  • Hydro Series Digital Link connection functionality when used with 1.0.4 firmware update
  • Hydro Series LED control functionality when used with 1.0.4 firmware update
  • Icon Size option added for resizing device icons
  • Default font is same throughout UI
  • More fan specs listed in "Device Setup" showing max RPM, connection method (3 pin/4 pin), and device the fan is connected to
  • CPU temperature reading fix (Some CPU's showing half of what the value should have been)

Corsair Link Software Update 2.1.7
  • Added better naming for CPU devices
  • Removed superfluous "Version" and "Channel" info from devices
  • Logging "spam" is gone
  • Cleaned up obsolete UI items
  • Changed generic system names to use "Intel", etc
  • Improved Uninstall
  • Embedded font no longer requires font to be installed
  • Sierra2Service no longer starts if booted into safe mode
  • A few more "null reference" bugs fixed
  • H80i/H100i bootloader integrated
  • Support for Commander and H80i/H100i (no support for dual Commanders)
  • Added ‘Default’ mode in fan control for H80i and H100i

For anyone who has previously downloaded and installed any version of Corsair Link Dashboard V2 (2.1.1) please uninstall the current version of the software from the control panel and either reboot your machine or delete the (\Program Files\Corsair\CorsairLink 2) folder before installing this new version.

Corsair Link Software Update 2.1.1
  • Start with windows option.
  • Start minimized option.
  • Logging of PSU monitored parameters. (AXi series PSU's)
  • Graphing tab reverted to overlapped data versus individual data.
  • User select able font color for UI.
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