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Old 07-16-2017, 10:04 PM
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Default Bad Audio

My audio on mine and my son's Void RGBs sounds muffled. where do I get the previous cue software?
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Old 07-17-2017, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by mcitp2k10 View Post
If I roll back, my heaset is simply not working at all.... this is very frustrating ! and I bet I will have to wait till next month for this to be fixed.

So no sound at all or issue with all steam games.
Try "Repair" in the control panel for your previous CUE version, it worked for me in fixing sound issues in CUE 2.14, so it's worth giving a shot. Remember to also uninstall all drivers in the Device manager before downgrading a CUE version.

Originally Posted by CCGert View Post
My audio on mine and my son's Void RGBs sounds muffled. where do I get the previous cue software?
In the troubleshooting thread, you'll find links to all previous versions. Hope this helps!
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Old 07-19-2017, 04:57 AM
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i have the exact same problem as described above with the latest CUE (2.15) with the same corsair headset in Steam games/ Steam Voice test. All other programs like Skype/ Windows voice recorder/Discord etc... record my voice crisp clear but when I talk with friends inside the game's voice chat they say my voice sounds like alien/demon.
Only way to solve the problem is by uninstalling the CUE completely or going back to 2.14.
Also I can't change presets in the CUE (2.15) or activate Dolby effect. it's just doesn't take effect. You can switch between them but the sound remains the same with Dolby On/Off or preset cycling.

going back to 2.14.67 solved most issues.
i have Windows 10 64-bit latest updates and drivers.
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Old 07-19-2017, 05:42 AM
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Updated a few days ago and discovered this morning that macros aren't working, including key remapping (for alt-tab), play/pause, skip track, and volume controls. Profile switching while holding a button works, but I can't use my media profile for anything.
I do stuff.


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Old 07-19-2017, 07:57 AM
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someone mentioned their keyboard lights not working... during a previous update, I discovered that "corruption" had occurred, and my keyboard brightness was turned down to zero in my migrated profile... cranking it back up restored my keyboard color.

My issue with this version of CUE (might have poked it's head up in the last version) is that my VOID USB headset gets red-flagged by CUE (malfunction), yet the headset continues to work perfectly. Replugging the headset clears the malfunction, but doesn't seem to be necessary... false negative of CUE or maybe my headset is on its way to a warranty replacement?
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Old 07-19-2017, 09:36 PM
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Default The Demon Voice

I have been gaming for over a year and a half now, and I have been using an extremely crappy dell laptop. I just got the chance to build my own pc, and i chose corsair for my mouse and headset. The m65 is awesome, a huge upgrade from my previous mouse. However, the good review stops there, and i have had nothing but problem with my void headset. I downloaded the utility engine as soon as i got home, and i was super excited to try it out. The audio worked fantastic, the 7.1 was amazing to listen to. However, as soon as i would use the mic, whoever i was playing with would react and say, "turn your voice change off". I searched around in the engine and couldn't find any mic settings, only ones for the speakers, and so i went to a mic feedback test site. I sounded absolutely terrifying, like the devil himself had possessed the microphone, it completely distorted my voice to a preposterously low pitch and made it heavily distorted. I deleted the engine, and sure enough my mic worked fine. Since then, I have been aggravated with the fact that I not only cant use the surround sound programs to hear better, i cant take advantage of the dpi settings and the led effects in both my headset and mouse, since they both run off the same engine. I love these accessories and I find it doubly annoying that my problem is widened to my mouse even when i try and stay loyal to Crosair. Please fix this, because I've gone so long without a good computer and all i want to do is have an enjoyable experience, and hopefully you guys can fix this for me and anyone else who has this problem so I can really give the great review these products deserve. Thanks
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