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Old 01-12-2019, 08:35 PM
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Default H115I PRO RGB installation question

I recently completed my first build inside a 750D Airflow case, with the HYDRO SERIES H115I PRO RGB acting as an exhaust radiator at the top of the case. The two included fans are mounted underneath the radiator, pushing air up through it. Everything is installed and working fine.

However I've recently read that dust management is much simpler in the long run if you install the fans to the top of the case and mount the radiator under the fans.

Unfortunately the included manual for the H115i pro is less than illuminating towards this type of installation, so before I go screwing things where they shouldn't be:
-are the included "long screws" that come with this cooler able to reach through the top of the case, through the entire fan and hold the radiator in place securely? Or would I need to purchase a different set of screws for the setup I want?

Sorry if it's a noob question, just would rather not puncture something in the radiator through my own ignorance or have the radiator come loose at an inopportune time. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Old 01-12-2019, 08:42 PM
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Default H115I PRO RGB installation question

I also just installed the fans on top of the radiator because the fan`s wouldn`t fit beneath the radiator. The screws were fine for this. Just remember to switch teh fans up side down, otherwise you`re blowing the hot air back into the case of your computer.

So from top to down.


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Old 01-12-2019, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Donut9 View Post
However I've recently read that dust management is much simpler in the long run if you install the fans to the top of the case and mount the radiator under the fans.
It absolutely, positively, makes no difference whatsoever in terms of "managing your dust". That video is the dumbest 5 minutes in history and has produced several years of misunderstanding. I used to think it was a joke with that 2 inch carpet of dust, but here we are 5 years later and this is the second time this week a reference has been made to it.

First, in order for any dust particle to interact with your radiator, it has to get inside the case. A front dust filter will do wonders for that. Getting the case up off the floor helps quite a bit as well. Now, those dust particles that do get in the case do not care if your fans are above or below the radiator. It will stick to the first charged surface it comes into contact with - RAM, motherboard, radiator, fan, or case surface. If you think the dust will somehow magically stop at the edge of the radiator and not go into, well then you are... just like the majority of people who watch that video - deliberately misinformed. Dust on this side of the radiator, dust on the other side of the radiator, it makes no difference and it is somewhat hard to clean and requires you take it down no matter what. The better thing to do is the first two steps mentioned - dust screen on intakes and off the floor.

As for the original question about above or below, it really doesn't make much difference, but there are some aesthetic elements and subtle tonal differences. Most people who put the fans above the radiator will not see them, unless of course your case is on the floor. If you have LED fans, this could be a benefit either way or it is another way to hide less attractive fans you don't want to see. In terms of performance, it generally makes no difference, however some cases with weird top panels or really tight fits may cause more airflow restriction when in closer contact with the fan blade (fan in between case and radiator). That also leads to the last consideration - noise. Again, blade closer to something means a higher pitch sound and that is typically more noticeable. Again, some cases it makes no difference. On others, it may be louder when sandwiched between the radiator and case and thus the fan blade interacts with two surfaces instead of one.

As for mounting, you could get away with using just the 8 x 6-32 30mm screws when mounting the fans above. You can also get 8 tiny machine screws for $1 to mount the radiator to the case with the longer screws taking care of the fans below. Use the included or extra washers if you think the screw is just a bit too long or to prevent metal to metal contact.
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