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Old 05-27-2015, 01:08 AM
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3D printed pump stand pictures!

Printing time was 36 hours for this version. The outside face is rougher than it was in the last two versions....but the bottom is absolutely flat this time with no warping. It was printed at 100% this is one solid piece of plastic. It was printed in PLA....not ABS. Quite heavy. Here are some pictures from different angles...

In this closeup, you can see how the face of the pump stand looks. I may spend some time sanding some of the rougher edges....after I see what still shows once the pumps/tops/reservoir are mounted. attach everything to the stand, I'll need some screws. The approach I've taken with my last few projects is to cut down my screws to size. It was hard for me to find the black socket head screws that I love so every size that I might need. So instead, I bought about a thousand of these 30mm M4 Black Socket Head screws....and I just cut them down to whatever size is needed when I'm using them....

I just clamp then down in this little vise at the appropriate distance.....

...and then use the edge of the vise as a guide for the Dremmel to run across. Only takes about 10 seconds for a screw. Those little puppies sure do get hot in 10 seconds though....

Here are a couple of the freshly cut screws next to an original size screw, so you can see how much I was trimming to make these the perfect size for my recessed holes for the reservoir attachment. The edges usually are pretty rough....

....but they are smooth after running them along a file a few times. Those little rubber washers are what I'm going to add to help decouple the pumps and reservoir even further....

Here are a couple of shots of how the EK reservoir clamps fit onto the 3d printed pump stand. You can see that I designed recessed holes in the back of the pump stand for the nuts...because the pump tops would interfere if they stuck out at all....

Nice and flush.....

I decided to go ahead and test fit the entire I cut some more screws, and mounted the pumps and reservoir to the 3d printed stand. Everything fit great! Here are some pictures from all angles.....

It is shockingly beautiful in person....the pump tops just look like huge chunks of glass. Everything fits together perfectly with no wasted space. There is a cutout that will allow for the cold cathode inverter, as well as a cutout for the GPU cables that was necessary to allow the stand to be snugged up closer to the motherboard.

The EK X3 reservoir is super high quality....

I brushed some pink paint on "The PPPP" raised lettering I designed in the pump stand....

It really came out as good as I was hoping. It's tight, compact, and beautiful. And it situates the pump tops at the perfect viewing angle for the left side window....and positions the reservoir at the perfect spot to be centered in the front window. I couldn't have done this with any pre-made stand. It really needed to be custom designed to pull this off. I love 3d printing.

I also brushed some paint on those badges that I had 3d printed. These could be used anyhwere....but I'm picturing them on the SSD's and/or radiators.

Next step is to drill some holes in the case midplate and bolt this baby in. Pictures soon!
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