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Old 07-11-2018, 08:53 PM
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Sigh.. AX1200i faulty - RMA issues

Hey all.

Be ready for a tale of woe.

I'd purchased the much lauded AXi series PSU back in November 2016.
I was impressed that these units came with a 10 year warranty.
You see a product with such a warranty, you expect it to last...
However after 1.5 years (at the end of June) my unit started intermittently failing... The self test LED would not even illuminate.
I'm not a heavy user, with work & family commitments, my gaming time isn't what it used to be.

After speaking with support I was advised that no like-for-like replacement was available, they would instead offer me a refund.
"For now, we can offer you refund. Refunds are issued in USD. Our policy states that we will refund your original purchase price less 10% surcharges for each year you had the item."
So at a cost of £22.92 ($30.27) I ship the product back to their UK depot. This is when the fun begins

Now in possession of my device, CS begin not responding.
Updates/queries added to my ticket go without responses. (RMA #744262 if anyone from Corsair reads this).

After waiting days, I decide to chase them by calling.
Initially I'm told the refund would be in store credit... which is not what was previously stated.
Then I'm advised the refund could be made, but would exclude any VAT... again not what was previously stated.

To put things into perspective, here is a breakdown of what this means for me (or similarly you) as a customer... as quoted above, they refund in USD which ends up being a bit messy dealing with ever-changing conversion rates

Pre-VAT price - £259.17 ($344.32)
10% surcharge for a years use £24.49 ($34.43)
Resulting refund total £234.68 ($309.89)
The purchase price was £311.00 ($410.67)
If you then add in the return cost of shipping, their refund leaves me £99.24 ($131.04) out of pocket for a prematurely faulty unit they cannot replace.

As you might expect - after spending £311 on a PSU - to be left short the price of an alternative PSU, which could well have lasted much longer, I'm left decidedly unimpressed.
This is a PSU after all, you should expect many years of use, especially at this price... and Corsair seem to encourage this thinking by providing such a long warranty...

Like many on here (I'd guess), I run a boatload of Corsair products... 11x ML fans in my 900D chassis, water cooling, RAM, SSDs, mouse, keyboard... the works... even my bloomin' mouse pad

So I decide to speak to the retailer (Amazon), and in under 5 mins - with with no questions asked - they offer a full refund.
Great customer service.

Sadly, but not surprisingly given my experience thus far, Corsair now want me to pay to ship the unit back.
Never mind the fact they would happily ship a replacement (which they didn't have...) to me at their own cost.

You might ask, why didn't I speak to Amazon first? Good point.
I was genuinely thinking I would receive great service from Corsair, maybe I'm naive

I know a lot of people come on here for advice, and not for long winded posts about bad experiences.
However, it is what it is... and I wanted to share it. I was genuinelly a fan of Corsair products.

I'm sticking to my guns, they accepted delivery offering a refund at the "original purchase price", with no mention of excluding VAT - which for a £311 device, is not a trivial amount.

I might have to bite the bullet, if it's being £99 out of pocket, or £46 out of pocket, I know what I'll be choosing.
However if that's the case, there is little to salvage the damage done to my opinion of Corsair.
I've always purchased their products expecting quality, longevity, and good service when things go wrong.

Here's hoping somewhere, somehow, people have a different experience than I have had recently.
At the moment, to be literally surrounded by the Corsair logo and to be so disappointed... is... well... a bit crappy!

I've asked that this issue be escalated, hopefully by Friday I'll know whether the powers at be will even attempt to salvage any good will.

Stay safe everyone & thanks for reading.
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