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Old 09-17-2018, 03:20 AM
TheTiesThatBind TheTiesThatBind is offline
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BO IV soon
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Old 10-25-2018, 04:16 PM
Apophis3 Apophis3 is offline
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I'm a RPG'er, so I play:

Diablo 3
Dragon Age: Inquisitor

and when I get in the mood, Neverwinter Nights 2 :D
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Old 11-09-2018, 09:37 AM
GFXdude GFXdude is offline
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Default Hey there!

Hey there. I just bought Read dead redemption 2 and God of War. Its amazing, and can really be recommended.
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Old 12-03-2018, 03:52 AM
GFXdude GFXdude is offline
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Default Ac

I also recently bought the new Assassins Creed. I recommend it to everyone who likes the series.
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Old 12-03-2018, 04:29 AM
newp's Avatar
newp newp is offline
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Playerunknown's battlegrounds
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Old 12-29-2018, 01:45 AM
frekwalda frekwalda is offline
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Mass Effect Series
Killing Floor
Medal of Honor Series
The Division
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Old 01-03-2019, 10:59 AM
tdk tdk is offline
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Just got Tom Clancy's The Division. Not really a third person shooter fan but so far i'm liking it. Still at early stages of the game.
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Old 01-05-2019, 12:29 AM
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tearsimmortal tearsimmortal is offline
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I'm still playing The Division on PC. After taking some time away from the game I decided to come back. I scored two exotics am using the bullfrog until I find something better for exotic.
My love for you is eternal, eternal
My tears for you will be mortal, be mortal
My name will be immortal, immortal
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Old 01-15-2019, 08:55 AM
rossi123 rossi123 is offline
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Originally Posted by Zeroghost View Post
I'm old school but always looking for the latest. To tell you how long ago I started I had a TI99 new.
I just got a true game rig, but I'm a media producer so have the best excuse for buying game gear. Corsair fan now and have an i7-47 4.0GHz I love in a Corsair cooled case. So, enough hardware.

I currently play:
  • Battlefield 4
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 & 1
  • Titanfall 1
and trying Epics Fortnight Free.
In the past, I've played all the way back to Wolfenstein and Doom but even a PONG game first gen!
I designed level graphics for a SEGA-GEN game in the 1990s and have played maybe more than 100 games since PONG.
I've climbed mountains and crossed deserts too so my *** has risen enough to still work. Take my advice and collect Earth Places. Much cooler than games, but you will never get my games from my cold dead mouse-hand bitches!
especially PONG first generation lol it is really beautiful too I was playing it at my childhood

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