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Old 11-05-2018, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by CrazyAngel1990 View Post
What a mess, corsair had fun doing a closed system :-(
Corsair put together a system that is relatively plug and play and difficult for someone to mess up. You've decided to go outside that. You can't blame them for your desire to go off the beaten track. From a support perspective, it makes complete sense. People do dumb things regardless of how hard engineers work to prevent them from doing dumb things. "Build a more idiot proof system and they build a better idiot."

Example: even with different connectors, folks actually managed to blow out their Corsair stuff by plugging it into the motherboard's 12V connectors.

Now ... you've decided that you want to go off the beaten path. That's fine; there are those of us that have figured this stuff out and how it all works. They are standard LEDs. They are standard connectors. So it's all do-able and really not that difficult ... if you know what you are doing, understand a few basics about electricity and wiring and are willing to experiment and risk blowing out devices. Keep that last point in mind - you may well blow out a fuse or something else and you cannot hold Corsair responsible for that. I've blown out NoPros and Fan Hubs. Others have as well. That's the cost of experimentation. Don't want to take that risk? Stick with the system as designed.

Originally Posted by CrazyAngel1990 View Post
If it became too impossible I took two kits of strips only then I can use only 6 so even there it is not convenient.

Given the unified system and the software done so well it is really a pity that you can not easily connect non-proprietary strips.
See above. You can but it's not supposed to be easy. It can quickly become a support nightmare with customer satisfaction issues all over the place, even though it was the customer's own fault.

Originally Posted by CrazyAngel1990 View Post
Can I feed them externally and use only the LNP to control the colors?
The limit of 2.1A is for sinoglo connector sin or in total of the two?
You can, yes. And the limit is per header. The overall limit of 4.5A is due to the SATA connection.
Please click "Edit System Specs" and fill out your system info.

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