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Same problem here as well, 3 pack of SP120'S arrived today and one of the fans randomly flickers, ive noticed as well changing the fan to another port and they dont light up at all, so this could very well be a firmware issue, after 2 k70rgb keyboards failing on me within 12 months i said i wasnt gonna buy corsair again, well i did and now this happens. marvellous. seems corsair should do extensive rock solid testing before putting these things on the market otherwise theyre gonna have hell of a lot of rma returns. only reason i bought corsair over thermaltake riing fans is the fact that corsairs rma system is pretty good, never had issues, theyve always replaced faulty parts for me. Another part of me is levering towards the controller chips inside these boxes being faulty, i hope thats not the case but it could very well be.

Soon as i plugged the fan in for the first time and fired the software up the fan was flickering like a log fire,now theyve been running for 2 hours its calmed down a bit but its still there every 3 minutes or so.

Corsair im begging you, before putting RGB products on the market in future make sure theyre fully working first. these issues are giving us end users a proper headache.

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