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Quite honestly those AP-15s are worth every penny. If you can afford to splurge then I say go for them. Basically everyone who knows water cooling uses or wants to use the Gentle Typhoon series fans for a very good reason.

As for the Sharkoons, I have never used them nor have I read anything about them. Although, if you research fan reviews I believe you will typically find the GTs up top. sounds like you are in the UK. If it is possible to order from the EU without too much tax/shipping cost, look up places in Germany. They typically have good prices on GT series fans.

edit: after looking at those Sharkoons, I wanted to add something. Look at the fin design and the center hub. This is going to create a HUGE dead spot on your radiator where there will be little to no airflow. Not something which is a big deal if you have some pace between the fan and whatever you are trying to cool (e.g. using spacers, etc)... but it becomes much more of an issue when the fan is sitting almost flush up against the radiator.

To see what I am talking about, compare the center portion and fan blade area between the Sharkoons and the GTs.

Of course this is simply my first impression from looking at the units. I have no data to back this up on that specific fan.

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