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Planning to call tomorrow, again, about this because when I called about this issue happening to:

K95 Platinum
M65 Pro
Void Pro

I will be tooling along doing whatever (gaming, watching videos, surfing net) and all of these devices will just totally lose connection to the machine and the a few seconds later they come back to life as if someone unplugged them and then plugged them back in. When this issue does happen it ONLY happens to the Corsair products I have. My X-56, external drives and 360 controller keep on working when this happens.

This issue is in no way related to Steam. This issue is one that the agent I called about this happening acted like the issue was my machine, it is not. This happened on my old build a ~month ago and a new build. So some acknowledgement from Corsair about this being, oh I don't know, A THING, would be nice. Instead we get "Corsair (insert name here" posts asking us to send them support ticket numbers. Why can't Corsair utilize the system I am sure they have in place to be able to pull up trouble tickets with people reporting the same or similar issues? Why do I call about this issue and end up being left with no bloody help and making it seem like its a hardware problem with the machine when this is clearly a software issue that has happened before and will happen again?

Reminds me of AMD and their new Vega cards when they came out, AMD drivers for these were BSODing on install and come to find out AMD was banning people and deleting threads about this I returned a Vega 64 and got a 1080Ti as it just works. Please don't turn into AMD Corsair...or Logitech (don't get me started on Logitech)

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