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Originally Posted by Bombo View Post
Flawless here, love my Corsair one pro. I posted my improvement wishlist in another thread:

- Thunderbolt 3 port
I'm a trader and this is the perfect compact system, I know friends who own it for the same purpose too. It would be hugely beneficial to be able to run more than 2 displayport monitors, or more than 4 monitors total, for many people, and a thunderbolt 3 port would allow this. It would also enable fast external transfers for content creators which is another big use case. This is my number 1 request.

- A Front facing USB-C

- 3200MHz Ram option please
This is the elite model after all :D. And ideally somehow a 64GB option, perhaps not possible.

- Doing everything possible to enable maximum overclock on CPU
Using the best possible thermal grease (perhaps you already do) for instance. I don't know how you could do it but if this could hit closer to 5GHz stable out of the box that would really amazing, the CPU is the bottleneck often already, this will be exacerbated with the 1180ti.
Thanks for sharing!
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