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Originally Posted by CMBoss View Post
well i wanted to say i saw this pic from this years computex, the port changes and back changes of power etc, look very welcome

an increase to 600w power supply wont be bad for those of us who overclock

the led strip light fix, i always put mine off, but keeps blinking

anyway more way to improve cooling

is there no way to install a gtx card with 3 fans instead of liquid cooled since its passive

that way even though noise will increase a bit , we can use silent profile for low noise or increase when we want for madness, it will be far better than what we have presently
I was curious if anyone noticed it during the Intel keynote. Can't really comment any further unfortunately, but we are listening to everyone's feedback. :)

Also, generally those cards would be just a tad too long to squeeze in the CORSAIR ONE, trust me, I've tried. There's the possibility of having a card with a thicker air cooler installed, but you'd have to make sure it clears the mounting bracket and a few other bits in the chassis.

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