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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
Hmmm ... that's quite interesting. I have iCue running on a laptop as well but it's never had good battery life so I've always kept it plugged in. I've not iCUEincreased temps but I can certainly see where you would.

What you can do, however, is this ... Exit iCUE. Go to Services and located the Corsair Service. Set it to "Disabled". Start iCUE. That will keep the Corsair.Service process from starting and should resolve your issue.

All of your "outside the box" peripherals will still work. You'll lose system monitoring (which is what's looping) and control of things like fans and coolers - but those aren't relevant to a laptop so that's not an issue for you.
Thank you very much. I'll try doing this later.
Should this stop Corsair. Service from opening even when I open iCUE? What I don't want to happen is, after using the keyboard with iCUE, to find the service still open even after closing iCUE.
This would be frustrating since I often simply undock the laptop and go away, and I need my battery to last.
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