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You had a 10C swing in coolant temp in 5 min of OCCT? That probably should not happen, however the root cause may be a little trickier to pin down.

A failing cooler is terrible in all aspects, load or not. If there is a flow problem, the coolant will continually rise on the desktop with little to no load. In a normal cooler, the instant power on coolant temp is the same as the room/case temperature and then warms up +4-7C over the next 10-20 minutes before leveling off. A cooler past its prime will continue to creep up while using your web browser.

A cooler that is terrible at load but appears normal at idle may be restricted in some way. This could be placement, a case panel blockage, dust filter, or a carpet layer of dust itself. Temps are worse than they should be, but steady and not continually escalating as the paragraph above.

Coolant temp should start dropping the moment you cut the load, often several degrees in the first 1-2 minutes before a slow decline. A cooler that cannot shed it;s heat will retain a lot of heat even after the load stops. This can be from either of the above scenarios.
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