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Once the distro plate done, everything was nearly finished.
The last things to do were :
Varnishing the desk :

There is 8 layers of varnish.... it was long and a bit painfull.

Making a rad cover for the two 360mm rads :

once varnished

Integrate flowmeters :

Set a place above MB to put two Vardars :

With a cover plate in aluminium (cut with jigsaw)

Then do the last tubes :

And leak test, the cool way!

In the backroom (yeah, got to find another name... But... you know...)

There is a ton of cables, and the tubing is soft, but to get something clean, i 3D printed guides.

After that, i made a test with liquid :

But as i was tired and sick, i decided that it was the best idea ever to try the collant i've got :

I really loved it, but it was not sober enought.

At this moment, i decided to not nickel plated the copper tubes, but leaving it like that was not an option since it was lacking of copper colour.
So i bought 12mm ID copper tubes (14mm OD) and "sleeved" some acrylic tubes with those copper tubes :

So next time will be about the filling of the desk, and more pictures of the beast running !!
Thanks for passing by!
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