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Originally Posted by mrgooden View Post
By your fan count. Push/pull config front and top. You're planning 2 x 140 exhaust in the rear. 2 x 140 will not fit without modification so you know . If you have not measured yet for the thickness of the radiators and fans, be aware I used 2 x 480 MM 45MM radiators on the front and 1 x 420MM radiator on the top and was not able to go push/pull on the front due to the top radiator obstruction. I could have left one fan off the top, but that messes with my OCD.

I use 8 fans per CoPro myself using 2 splitters per unit. I also only needed 2 PWM extensions and used 0 RGB extension cables when I finalized the wiring.
I learned the hard way about the push/pull 420 on the top not fitting so this is why I need the 4x120mm fan tray that seems like it will never be back in stock.
I'm gonna use a 360mm rad on top instead.

Ohh, 2x140 fan don't fit the case? The spec sheet said it should too. Damn that's a freakin shame. Well time to purchase more 120's 😑
Thanks for the heads up 😁
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