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Originally Posted by Fwashy View Post
Hey zotty. Been reading through this thread and it's got some great ideas and really helpful info. I'm glad there are others experiencing this almighty task of building the 1000d.
I am going to be doing a custom loop in my build with push pull configs on 3 rads... Overkill i know :D

I have hit a few snags though, the fan tray at the top I do need a 4x120mm if I wanna fit it all in and they are all out of stock of course. So I'm delayed again.

Since I'm delayed I came here to learn some more stuff and I'm glad i did. I will also need lots of fan cable extensions and probably another copro (i have 2 already).

I'm going to have 24 fans: 22 ll120s and 2 ll140s
How many fan extensions do you think I'll need :O.

I really hope I don't get bankrupted by this haha :')

By your fan count. Push/pull config front and top. You're planning 2 x 140 exhaust in the rear. 2 x 140 will not fit without modification so you know . If you have not measured yet for the thickness of the radiators and fans, be aware I used 2 x 480 MM 45MM radiators on the front and 1 x 420MM radiator on the top and was not able to go push/pull on the front due to the top radiator obstruction. I could have left one fan off the top, but that messes with my OCD.

I use 8 fans per CoPro myself using 2 splitters per unit. I also only needed 2 PWM extensions and used 0 RGB extension cables when I finalized the wiring.
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