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I'm a bit late, but I'll explain how i built my distroplate

You already saw those pieces in mods, you can also buy those kind of things from barrow, EKWB showed a nice one at CES!

Considering I can only use conventionnel machining, I decided to try something a bit different, because i won't be able to produce something good enought, when you see all the pro like JR23 or P0pe doing impressive CNC work.

So i tried this way, and here is the result without paint/finish :

Idea is simple, but a bit costy in fittings

I did my own 90 adaptators by taping them in acrylic cubes, but you can use any 90 adaptators you want (but square ones are maybe easy to use, like the T EKWB).

Then, you drill holes for your fittings (just check well the position of your input/output)

I choosed wood, but you can use aluminium

Then you put spacer (i uses wood too) just a bit less thick than your adaptator, in my case, adaptators were 20mm thick and my wood was 19mm.

After, i cut a counter plate in aluminium

and by screwing this plate in the spacer, you will fix the adaptator (you make a kind of sandwich)

Then you can do standard tubing, choose fittings, adaptator you want, or bend the tubes, let the front plate full to hide everything, or make hole to let see your pro tubing.

In place :

And a few words, as the mod should be finished by the end of the next week (SHOULD), i'll be able to show you more in workblogs

Those who follow me on facebook have seen much more, but with less explanation.

See you, thanks for reading!
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