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Default Nothing to announce at this time...

Originally Posted by Mike_P View Post
I did a search of the forums and didn't see this listed.. but was wondering if their was information and/or a road-map for a Ryzen compatible edition of the Bulldog?

If someone from Corsair marketing or product management answers, can you also provide some information beyond the standard 'stay tuned' or 'nothing to announce at this time'? Those are safe answers but don't really communicate to your community what is involved in the whole process of bringing a product to market.

For example, can you give us an idea of how you evaluate your opportunities? Do you use sales data to determine engineering and product development? Is this a larger or smaller project? What is typical QC time for what is fundamentally an MB swap? Do you have specific demands of the MB design that necessitates extra development costs or is it just a drop in solution?

I, and i'm sure many others here, would love to know more about the specific corsair process of bringing a product to market when there is a potential new opportunity like the Ryzen launch.
I don't usually pop up in the Bulldog section, but I'll answer what I can for you.

There are currently no plans for a Ryzen version of the Bulldog. Bulldog is one of our smaller, more niche product lines. With that in mind, it currently makes more sense to develop for the more widely adopted platform (Intel) in order to reach the largest audience of what is arguably a relatively small space of the DIY market (this is based off of a mix of overall sales of the Bulldog, internal/external feedback, and availability of components from our partners).

That being said, we're vigilantly watching the SFF AM4 space, and I'm sure that once the platform has matured a bit and reaches a certain critical mass in terms of adoption (with a healthy variety of boards from partners) we'll revisit this idea.
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