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Originally Posted by maortega831 View Post
I'm vying towards a B or H series board. I just need a basic board to be honest, nothing crazy.

The reason I choose the 240 because of it's size and minimalist design. I currently have a Graphite and it's huge and heavy. I don't need an ATX size board.

Would a 120mm fan fit on the bottom if I go for an mATX board?
Got to love how they have so many chipsets for a single CPU. Feels like a money grab by intel. The ITX boards seem to have a more price premium for their size, while the mATX seems to be geared towards value.

I would look at the H370 as the price difference isn't that much and you get some added features to help future proof this system further.

All of these systems do have a heatsink/spreader on the VRM's Mosfets

Gigabyte: Dual Bios (redundancy), Analog RGB header, though VRM only 4 phases

AS Rock: 8 Phases VRM (better than 4), though overkill for not OC'ing:

Asus: only 4 phases on VRM

I might lean towards the Gigabyte more, though I do have a slight bias to them lately. They also have a dual bios if you screw up your bios, when can happen. If you do like RGB, you at least do have an analog RGB header for the Gigabyte. While the As Rock does have more phases in the VRM a good Z370 OC'er has 8 phases as well. Though as you can't OC on these boards, this might be moot. Also I don't see much on these boards so the mosfets on the other boards could be higher quality for all I know.

You should be able to mount a fan under one of these boards. Corsair seems to be a little conservative when they spec out their cases, I guess they don't want to over promise. You might have issues if you tried two full length GPUs, though with the board and your choices, I don't see you doing that route. I don't think these boards support SLI anyway.
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