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Originally Posted by Zyflucrian View Post

I've been having issues with the CMK16GX4M2A2133C13 kit. It ran for over year without an issue then one day the computer shut off and refused to POST - the DRAM diagnostic led staying on. No recent hardware or environmental changes.

I removed each DRAM stick and then tried one at a time in all 4 slots. One of the sticks wouldn't POST in any slot. The other worked fine in all slots.

I RMA'd the kit and received a replacement. Unfortunately, after a few hours the same thing happened again to the new kit. Computer shut down with DRAM diagnostic LED on. One stick wouldn't POST in any slot, the other fine in all slots. (Note: This time stick was in a different slot than the one that previously died)

Before going through the process of RMA'ing the RMA, I borrowed a red version of the kit (CMK16GX4M2A2133C13R) from another machine. Both sticks work in all slots and together with XMP on or off. It has been without issue for 3 days now without error. Gaming and memtest'ing with no issue.

So I'm looking for some thoughts on what could be going on. Was I just unlucky and received a bad replacement kit? Could the motherboard and/or PSU be on the way out and it's only a matter of time before it kills the borrowed kit?
I having EXACTLY the same problems as you, i dont have the red version though but other than that it is the exact same model...

I recieved the replacements on the 31th of may and only a few hours after i put them in the PC (with cleared BIOS and new Windows) i got new blue screens. So since then i have been using one ram module since my PC wouldnt even post with one of the RAM's inside the PC.. I tried all slots on my mobo and i did MemTests with them both. With one of them its instantly had errors and went up to about 2000 errors before crashing. Ive had another RMA accepted and im going to send them back on monday.
It just sucks because i only have these two modules so i cant use my PC meanwhile im waiting for the new ones... And im also posting this because, im not sure what is causing this. I switched motherboard yesterday and was hoping that it was my old board that was broken (since a few weeks back i noticed it had leaked some fluid from the condensators). I had a new BSOD after like 15 minutes with the new board on top of a new windows install aswell...
Did a new memtest with the ram that is "working" on my old mobo and it recieved 0 errors. Now, today i did a new one with the new motherboard and it recieved about ~96 errors. So basically both RAM's are broken.

I just find it weird, i bought the first kit in august 2016 and it was working up until just 2 months ago without any issues, and now two NEW kits have broken down on me in just a few weeks??? What is causing this?

EDIT: Since i have a perfectly new motherboard, the only thing on my PC that isnt "top-notch" is the PSU (OCZ ModXStream 500W semi-modular from like... 2010??). I have made different tests with OCCT and all voltages looks solid without any significant drops. But could it still be the PSU?
That both of us got faulty kits with the exact same model just seems extremely unlikely to me. But its it possible?

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