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The CPU Fan reading for the H80i V2 is 1/2 the pump RPM.

You can get the speed of the cooler's fans in Link. The stock fans should be around 2400 RPM, IIRC - other fans will have different speeds. The fan connector supplies power to the H80iV2 and does need the full 12V at all times. Setting it to PWM mode or setting it to 100%/Full Power/Speed Control Disabled (the terminology varies by mobo manufacturer).

Regarding the airflow ... keep in mind that when you configure the cooler as exhaust, the air that's going through the radiator is the air from inside your case. This is going to be warmer than the external ambient air because your components - especially the GPU - generate heat. The coolant can only be as cool as the air that's used to cool it and the CPU can only be as cool as the radiator coolant. That's physics and you aren't going to change it.
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