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Default What games do you all play?

Hello Corsair Fam,

I just wanted to create a quick thread on what are some games played by our enthusiasts, I am a huge gamer myself so I am curious! I am retired in some, and still play most. dont challenge me

*edit added some of the ranks I achieved!

Games I personally play :

Counter - Strike - LEM
League of Legends - Diamond
Hearthstone - Rank 4
Starcraft 2 - Masters
Black ops 3 - Wood league
World of tanks/warships - Casual
Street Fighter - Casual
Marvel - I dont think this cant be ranked correctly
Smash bros N64 Melee
Heroes of the Storm - Casual
Dota 2 - Casual
Day Z

Excited for The Division (comes out in 6 days woot!).

Cant wait to wake up my significant other with my Cherry MX Blue's

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