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Originally Posted by kabamaru2372 View Post
Hi all,
i didnt want to start a new thread since this one exists so...
I have the same problem with two force GS 128gb ssd's...
One of them has 5.41 but the other one has 5.24 and ssd tool says it is the latest firmware....
Any ideas? Which is the latest firmware for these disks?
I have them in raid 0 mode and only in ATTO bench i get speeds of 1gb/s in read-write.
In all the other benchmarks like AS SSD, Crystal and many others i get 800mb/s read but only 400mb/s write....
Thank you in advance
Most firmware updates are just for BOM compatibility. Run the SSD toolbox, if it says what you have is the latest for your drive, then that's it. In regards to ATTO vs AS SSD vs Crystal, they all test in different ways. The results from one can't be compared to another.
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