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Originally Posted by pstock View Post
Thanks, Specter. I did in fact order a set. In the meantime, I found a pair of calipers and measured the screws that came with my H100i. They measure at 0.1315, at the very low end of the tolerance spread for the 6-32 standard. The other 6-32 screws I have ordered, from two different suppliers, measured right around 0.1350, i.e., right near the middle of the tolerance ranges, which are as follows:
0.1312 - 0.1372 (2A tolerance class)
0.1320 - 0.1380 (3A tolerance class)
This is pretty abstruse stuff, but given that the mounting holes in the radiator are so fragile--because of the softness of the aluminum--it is probably good to know that any replacement 6-32 screws you might get are likely to widen the holes enough that the stock screws will no longer hold. I have found threads online complaining of this problem even when trying to use the stock screws on a reinstall of the H series radiators. So, screw carefully friends!
This is very useful information. At one point I was thinking about the need to obtain longer screws to mount.

So thanks.

Question is there any European or British standards for these screws?

(e.g. both the fan (long) and radiator (short) screws)
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