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Hi mackaqld

Sata2 maximum speed is 300MB/s and sata3 600MB/s per-lane
Some controller have trouble to handle sata3 SSD speed
As the Marvell 9128 on some X58 and other Intel motherboard
Do to the speed limitation of the PCI-E 1x use as interface with the Marvell 9128 controller. So if you want to buy a PCI-E controller don't buy a 1x controller it will be no better. The best is a pcie 8x controller

ME i buy the Highpoint 2720SGL roketraid
It is a SAS to SATA controller with 8 sata3 ports
It theoretical maximum speed is around 2800MB/s, so with 6 sata3 ssd you reach the max speed
Not bad for lest then 200$
There iss my benchmark
1 ssd 536870MB/s write 573852MB/s read 0.03ms latency
2 ssd 938585MB/s write 1034931MB/s read 0.22ms latency
3 ssd 1388459MB/s write 1516957MB/s read 0.22ms latency
4 ssd 1740479MB/s write 1968964MB/s read 0.1,s latency
5 ssd 2176503MB/s write 2397934MB/s read 0.05ms latency
6 ssd 2403889MB/s write 2724221MB/s read
Up to 2800MB/s with a latency ove 0.04ms with AIDA64
you could see my post

Hope this help
Sincerely yours

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