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"Thermal throttling" is hand made. As there is obviously no cooling, temps quickly rise and during the setup I did not want temps to linger near 100 C. BIOS shows CPU_FAN N/A, so there is no connection. Tried CPU_FAN as "Standard" and "Full Speed". Also tried CPU_OPT at PWM Full Speed, PWM Standard, DC Full Speed, DC Standard. Nothing helped. All my fans are (for now) connected to chassis headers (and spin). Question: The pump is supposed to be spinning already when I am in BIOS, right? And it does not need any initial setup in Windows, right? The (well not so) funny thing is, that I have two H150i here at hand, and none of them works. Just checked out, whether fans would be spinning when directly connected to the pump: a 3pin Corsair does, the 4pin Corsairs from the h150i box don't, my Noctua NF-F12 prof. don't.
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