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Originally Posted by Corsair Chris View Post
Hi everyone,

After doing an investigation we have found out that what may be causing VOID Wireless to go into bootloader mode when charging. When plugging VOID wireless in for charging, while holding onto any button - the headset will go into bootloader mode (thanks @Nicklez for identifying this). Please refrain from pressing any buttons while plugging the headset in. be careful with finger placement when plugging headset in! If any button is press and held while inserting the USB cable in, your headset will be in bootloader mode!!!!

As of now, bootloader mode will not have any indication if it is in this mode except it will not appear to power on, generate audio, or have the lights turn on. In other words, it'll look like the headset has stopped working. Bootloader mode is implemented as a fail safe, so that headset can still be recovered in case of "bricking" or a bad firmware update, etc.

Our next steps to how we're dealing with bootloader mode... we're looking into having a visual indicator if the headset is in bootloader mode so that users will be able to identify what's going on with their headsets right away. We are also looking into different sequences to enter bootloader mode. (So instead of pressing the mute button and plugging it in, users have to press multiple buttons and plug it in). We're also exploring the idea of having bootloader mode only available when plugged in via USB.

Here are the instructions how to recover VOID from bootloader mode:

You will need to have CUE 1.11.85 or newer. You can find the newest version of CUE at
  1. Open up CUE
  2. Go to SETTING
  3. Under SETTING, find and click "DEVICE"
  4. Under this screen you will see VOID WIRELESS. Click "Update firmware"
  5. Select "Force update from the server" option, and proceed with update
  6. Connect headset when prompted in CUE.
  7. Let it update.

    Once the firmware has been updated you will need to put your headset and dongle in pairing mode.
For the headset: make sure the headset is turned off, once it is off press and hold the power button until the InfoMic flashes green and red. Please use this video as reference:

For the dongle: you will need to insert a paperclip into the hole under the LED. Press and hold until the LED flashes rapidly. Please use this video as reference:

After the two devices pair, the LED on the dongle will be solid white.
I bought my headset yesterday and then when I got a call on discord it stopped working I think I might have into bootloader mode please send my the information to fix it
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